Colored Deviled Eggs

Looking for a fun, creative, and fast activity for your children to do for Easter? Look no further! These colored deviled eggs are just it! They’ll add a splash of color to your dinner table, and kids can take pride knowing they helped make these colorful yummy eggs.

Colored Deviled Eggs

Recipe from FOODjimoto

10 eggs

1/2 c. mayonnaise

5-6 Tbsp vinegar

5-6 tsp cider vinegar (optional)

paprika (optional)

food coloring

Put eggs in  a pot and cover with water.

Bring to a boil,  turn heat down to low, cover, and let simmer for 15 minutes.








After 15 minutes, cool the eggs by running cold water in the pot.










Peel the eggs, then cut them in half.








Put the yolks in a separate bowl.







Depending on how many colors you’d like, take out glasses, and pour 3 drops of food coloring, 1 Tbsp vinegar, 1 tsp cider vinegar, and 1/2 c. room temperature water in each.

Place eggs in glasses.







Take eggs out when they have achieved the color you are looking for.

Dry on paper towels.








Crumble the egg yolks with a fork.










Add mayonnaise ( a little at a time until you’ve reached your desired creaminess) and add any additional flavorings if you’d like- mustard, pepper, chives, etc.

Scoop or pipe (with decorating bag and tip) mixture into each egg half, and sprinkle with paprika.








Place on a white dish so allow for the eggs to fully show their color.


Happy birthday…{to me!}

When asked what I want for my birthday each year, there’s only one thing I TRULY want- a cake, and it’s either an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen or a marble cake with chocolate frosting. Most years I’ll get one a few days after my birthday when Ryan and I get together with my family to celebrate my sister and my birthdays. Ryan’s completely against making homemade frosting for a cake, and he doesn’t like ice cream cake, so I usually go cake-less on my birthday.

When I saw this polka dot cake on SnowyBliss’s blog, I thought it’d be the perfect birthday cake for me. Vain a bit? It’s my birthday- I can be! 🙂 I love all things polka dots, so finding out you can make cakes with polka dots, I about died. Super cute, and didn’t look too terrible hard to make.

The polka dots are made by using a Babycakes Pop Maker. My mom scored a new one for $6.00 around Christmas and gave me it. I also decided to color my pops so I used fuchsia gel dye to make those babies vibrant.

I didn’t follow SnowyBliss’s directions completely, but wish I would have followed a little closer, as my pops weren’t covered with batter and they ended up being a little dry on top. Other than that, the cake was easy to assemble, looks fun, and tastes great!

Polka Dot Cake

1 boxed cake

Ingredients for the pops (found in the Babycakes recipe booklet)

Gel dyes- optional

Frosting of your choice- I used a chocolate fudge buttercream found on this post 

Step 1:

Make the cake pops as directed within the Babycakes booklet. If you want colored pops, once batter is mixed, squeeze dye in until desired color is found.








Step 2:

Make cake batter as directed on the box instructions. Pour a small amount in a greased and floured 9 inch round pan. Push half the pops into the batter. Repeat with a second 9 inch round pan.










Step 3:

Divide the remaining batter between the two round pans and pour on top of the cake pops.

Step 4:

Cook the cake, checking after the directed time to see if a toothpick comes out clean. I baked mine about 7-10 minutes extra. Let your cakes cool on a wire rack.

Step 5:

Make your frosting.

Step 6:

If your cakes are rounded on top, use a knife to level them off. Put one cake on a plate,  put some frosting on top and spread around the cake.








Take the second cake and place on top of the frosting. Use remaining frosting to frost entire cake.

Taco Pizza

Taco pizza is…




Worth every penny I pay at a pizza place

Easy to make

Gone in a few bites at our house


Taco Pizza

1 pizza mix (or ready-made crust)

1/2 lb hamburger, browned, mixed with one taco seasoning packet (follow packet directions)

pizza sauce

lettuce, tomato, black olives, jalapenos, etc.


taco sauce


Prepare pizza crust per directions.

Spread pizza sauce on crust, using as much or little as you like.

Pour taco meat on sauce, then top with cheese, black olives, jalapenos, etc.

Bake as directed.

Sprinkle pizza with lettuce an tomatoes, and garnish with taco sauce and chips if desired.